How we implement ?

We start the implementation by prototyping your case scenarios. If no gaps are found, then we make you capture Live Data for one month, under our observation. Once the live data is captured, together with our implementation team and your core team we verify the data to the level of Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet.



Impart training to the core team members to operate the system


System requirement study

System requirement study as is ------ to be


Listing the gaps

Listing the gaps suggesting work around solutions or customization if required.

Collection of case data (Scenarios)

Collection of case data (Scenarios) from your day to day transactions


Configuration of the system

Configuration of the system to suit your requirement


Presenting the system to users

Presenting the system to users for their part out of the total functionality


Presenting the system to all members

Presenting the system to all the members for total functionality to show the integration logic



 Capturing month's live data

1. Guide all the users to enter the transactions happening everyday.

2.Supervising the data entry.

3. Ensuring troublefree entry of various transactions

4. Co-ordinate with PCSOFT Office for any queries and updates.



 Genarating P&L & Balance sheet

1. Ensure the completion of one month's transaction

2. Run the process of valuation, genarate the P&L & Balance Sheet.

3. Present the same to the management and get their approval.

Once this is verified then our implementation is deemed successful and we handover the implementation to your core team.