truly integrated

The integrated modules like Finance, Accounts, Production, MRP I & II, Distribution inter-relate seamlessly and provide real-time information to one another.

dollar to dollar reconciliation

100% reconciliation is done between account and inventory and production giving you dollar to dollar reconciliation


fastest implementation

Experienced functional consultants from various verticals implement at your end.
We take ownership of genarating your P&L and Balance Sheet before we handover the system to the customer.

We start the implementation by prototyping your case scenarios and mapping gaps.

We make you capture Live Data for one month, under our observation.

After verifying our implementation is deemed successful, we handover the implementation to your core team, under our Annual Maintenance Contract.


return on investment (ROI)

• inventory accuracy (+97%)
• waste control (+54%)
• operational cost (-19%)
• administrative cost (-22%)
• on-time delivery (+94%)


management accounting

IEV delivers sales vis a vis cost of goods manufactured based on inventory valuation method selected and based on constraints imposed by financial accounting (I-tax) those only production overheads to be considered.



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