We have dedicated team for inside and outside support

We provide support via eMail, Phone, Internet, video Conferencing and through onsite visit


Upgrading and Enhancements

+ Regular upgrades and enhancements in current product

+ ‘Parameterization’ and other client specific configurations to stay abreast of unique corporate needs that may arise from time to time


Remote Support (Telephonic and/or Email)

Providing customer with the facility of either Telephonic or Remote Electronic Support or both


Live Internet Support

+ Live Data Monitoring through Virtual Networks or Desktop Sharing tools

+ Enhancing the clients ERP rendition as a result of such monitoring

+ Perform debugging activity or apply software patches to ensure that all computer programs behave immaculately and the ERP remains shipshape


Direct Contact Support

Technical experts of PCSOFT shall be available to provide assistance to the client both onsite and off-site.